FutureTalks: AI watched by tens of thousands live

President George Tilesch hosted a 2-hour TV show with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, AI Prof. Stuart Russell (Author of Human Compatible), Brain Prize winner Prof. Gyorgy Buzsaki and AImotive CEO Laszlo Kishonti on the present and future of AI. This was the first time these great scientists and applied AI experts were gathered around the virtual roundtable to guide citizens through the present and the future of AI. Tens of thousands were watching live as the participants were debating 6 key aspects of human-compatible AI development and impact.

A lasting success

As part of the interactive talk, the experts have covered AI definitions; our Moment in Time in AI evolution; Applied AI in all fields of life, and what can AI do for us now. Then they took a walk on the dark side, talking AI Threats and Challenges and how to overcome them, then segued to Intelligence Explosion and how can we humans cope and maintain control. The symposium closed with an envisioning exercise on how to optimize our human future in an AI world.
The event attracted hundreds of audience questions and massive media attention: close to 200 articles, TV and radio interviews appeared in mainstream media. Event sponsor MVM Group, a major power and energy company has already signaled that they would be most happy to heed Dr. Tyson’s on-stage request and plan for a large-scale continuation in Budapest in 2021.

Please watch the FutureTalks highlights video here:

FutureTalks Highlights video

See you all at Futuretalks 2021!