ACM Interview: Adding AI to Education

President Tilesch has been interviewed by the ACM, Association for Computing Machinery on what the opportunities and pitfalls are regarding AI use in public education.

“Few schools worldwide are using AI, although that could change in the next 10 years according to George Tilesch, a global #AI consultant and co-author of BetweenBrains, a book about the current and future impact of AI. “I think AI systems will become the primary toolkit of educational systems,” he says. “Ninety percent of the work will be done by machines, and 10%, focusing on the character development of the individual, will be done by teachers.”

The article covers views by Tilesch and EU education experts on China’s investments in AI Education, the recent UK scandal with entry exams due to algorithmic boas, how AI will help Teacher shortages and burnouts, and how the version of digital education that was triggered by the pandemic is still not the real deal.

The full article can be read here.