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“AI is the primary source of power for the 21st century and beyond.”


“AI rewrites the rules and forces us to lose no time in rethinking fundamental questions of our humanity.”


“In the 21st century and beyond, AI is the very core source of power that fuels politics, business, and society: our minds, our work, and our homes.“


“AI is a present reality: we live at the threshold of an AI-dominated era. AI is more than a technology wave: it needs full, multi-disciplinary understanding and steering.”


We advise world leaders in government, business, and impact.


We work with leading organizations on AI-related research studies.


We gather top minds to co-create in novel formats for the AI Age.


We publish books that guide and educate on taking back our AI Future.


We design programs and solutions that bring about the AI Future envisioned.


We partner to craft an AI tech stack that serves the public interest.


“…whose image AI development will take and how the AI Age will be shaped is still in the hands of informed and clear-sighted citizens and leaders.”

Omni-Stakeholder: We support governments, leading enterprises, think tanks and the social sector on all continents. We work best with high-impact global initiatives in need of unlikely allies coming together.



Our thoughts, deeds, and novelties.

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DR. GEORGE A. TILESCH is a senior global innovation and AI expert, executive, and consultant, primarily in the transatlantic space. For over 20 years, George has been active as a cross-sector and cross-industry conduit between AI ecosystems worldwide and as a trusted advisor for world leaders. His global senior executive and strategy consulting leadership track record span decades with government leaders on all continents; Microsoft, Ipsos, and Fortune 50 Tech corporations; international organizations and global think tanks (World Economic Forum, Club de Madrid); startups/scaleups; and global social innovation leaders. Dr. Tilesch is also the co-author of the 2020 book BetweenBrains: Taking Back our AI Future. As a C-suite advisor, researcher, convener, keynote speaker, and guest lecturer at major universities, George is headquartered in Silicon Valley and circling the globe in pursuit of delivering on PHI Institute’s mission.


Responsible AI and AI for Good Lead, PwC UK

In her role as Responsible AI and AI for Good Lead at PwC, Maria leads the implementation of ethics in AI for the firm while partnering with industry, academia, governments, NGO and civil society, to harness the power of AI in an ethical and responsible manner, acknowledging the benefits and risks in many walks of life. She has played a crucial part in the development and set-up of PwC’s UK AI Center of Excellence, the firm’s AI strategy and most recently the development of PwC’s Responsible AI toolkit, firms methodology for embedding ethics in AI. Maria is a globally recognised AI ethics expert, a Advisory Board member of the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI, member of BSI/ISO & IEEE AI standard groups, a Fellow of the RSA and an advocate for gender diversity, children and youth rights in the age of AI.


“Doing AI well needs depth, morality, and long-term perspective.”